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The rollBak

Jun 25, 2018

- Users
o Read permissions
o Write permissions
o Full Access
o Root user
- Access Keys
- Secret Keys
- AWS Profiles
- Data in S3
- Where the data is being stored in S3
- Public buckets vs private
- Encrypted buckets
- Permissions for groups and users on the buckets (read/write/full)
- Data that's being put into stack templates
- Where those stacks are being stored
- Storing stacks in private buckets in S3 vs somewhere else (OneDrive, GoogleDrive, GitHub, etc)
- Who has access to spin up EC2 instances
- Public IP's vs private IP's
- Security Groups for instances
o What ports are open
o Where instances are able to be accessed from
Data in the cloud:
- Data is still your data: Store it wisely

Code in the cloud
- GitHub
o Private repos
o Public repos
o Credentials to those repos
- Other cloud based repos