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The rollBak

May 22, 2018

Ramblings are free of charge. We were all a little tired at the time of recording ;)


What's new? 

  • Chris moved 
  • Dr. Mike 
  • Phil is still awesome 



Azure vs AWS Networking 

  • Team Blue vs Team Orange 
  • Overall architecture looks the similar 
  • Separate vocabulary 
  • Similar regions (possible tax incentive) 


Other Platforms 

  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • RedHat OpenShift 
  • Digital Ocean 
  • OpenStack (Private Cloud) 


Separate from the Rest 

  • AWS and Azure offerings that differ from Digital Ocean 
  • (Off Topic) -- Heroku vs IaaS 


First Experiences 

  • Chris broke e-mail and Workspaces 
  • Phil took Route 53 the wrong way 
  • Mike's tip of the day: "It's all the same thing" 


What Phil Actually Does 

  • Top Secret 
  • Covert Ops 
  • High Risk High Reward 


Networking As Code 

  • CloudFormation 
  • SaltStack 
  • Ansible 


VMware NSX 


Networking Experiences