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The rollBak

Apr 28, 2018

Weird scratching sound throughout the show – An evil kitten was on the prowl. He will not be permitted to future meetings ;) 


Season 2 Topics: 

  • Configuration Management 
  • Programming for Admins 
  • Saas, IaaS, and PaaS: 

1) Azure 

2) AWS 

3) Digital Ocean 

4) Heroku 

  • Containers 


Video Series 

  • Chef 
  • PowerShell DSC 
  • Puppet 

The program the team is working on to capture real time utilization and generate reports on that information. We use native modules to determine the operating system, and then call PowerShell or Bash based on that variable. Terminal application for now, but soon to have a GUI that can export or view reports.  


The rollBak GitHub, Social Media, and YouTube! 

GitHub: Coming soon! Next episode for sure 

Social Media: Soon.jpeg 

YouTube: -- More videos to come.  


Windows DO Droplet: 


DevOps with Netflix: