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The rollBak

Mar 26, 2018

MSP vs I.T. Department vs I.T./Software Company 



  • Sometimes more flexibility 
  • Touch a lot of technologies 


  • Can be grindy 
  • Your mileage will vary between organizations 


I.T. Department at Organization 


  • Depending on size, you get exposure to a lot of technology 
  • Same as above, you can support hardware, software, servers, and networks or just one application 


  • Least flexible, especially on help desk 
  • Often call center-ish 
  • Answer to people who are not familiar with technology 


I.T. or Software Company 


  • You get a behind the scenes look 


  • Can be isolated – One role or one technology 
  • Not a lot of decision making 


Too Cool for School 

To Degree or Not to Degree? 

  • Management Information Systems 
  • Computer Science 
  • Information Technology 



  • Business Degree 
  • Technology applied to business 

Main points: 

1) Infrastructure 

2) Database Management Systems 

3) Object-Oriented Programming 

4) Project Management 


Computer Science 

  • NOT a programming degree 
  • Languages are a tool, not the highlight 
  • Discrete mathematics, algorithms, and data structures are primary focus 
  • Often split between hardware (embedded systems), computer graphics (vectors), Artificial Intelligence, and computer languages.  
  • Some programs are interdisciplinary with Electrical Engineering 
  • Why math? -- Soap box 


Information Technology 

  • Certification paths are used as template for curriculum.  
  • Wide array of technologies. 
  • Pick your path and focus on that.  
  • Most direct application, least amount of theory.  


Trade Schools 

  • Hands on learning 
  • Learn from professors working in the field 
  • Half book learning half labs 
  • Technical Diploma  



Other Degrees 

  • Liberal Arts 
  • Conventional Engineering 
  • Supply Chain Management/Operations Management 


Choosing your major is not dictating your life.