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The rollBak

Apr 16, 2018

For the purpose of this discussion (What is an operating system?): 

  • Resource manager (Memory, processes) 
  • Scheduling tasks 
  • User access 
  • Security: Hiding and revealing information 
  • System services for programs 
  • UI, GUI, and API 


Implementing an Operating System: What to take into consideration.  

  • Simultaneous users 
  • Number crunching 
  • Processing power (CPU vs GPU) 
  • Tasks  


Usage: Shell vs GUI 


The Shell: 

  • Pass arguments to commands, incredibly specific. 
  • Scripting with various languages for automation or task scheduling.  
  • Quickly move throughout a system or network, managing files and directories 


The GUI: 

  • Processing user input in a more elaborate fashion 
  • More intuitive and usable  
  • Simplifies complex tasks 



  1. Favorite OS'ses's 
    1. Fedora – Modern, cutting edge software. Newest packages. Awesome package manager. Red Hat derivative. Better implementation of DEs in my experience.  
    2. Debian – Stable. Uses apt package manager. Easier to get newer packages. Longer periods between upgrades but offers Testing and Unstable branches for bleeding edge packages.  
    3. Windows 10 – :D  


  2. Favorite Virtualization Platform 
    1. KVM – Tiny footprint. GPU passthrough makes utilizing virtual OS almost as good as bare metal. Scripting friendly: Bash, Python, Ruby, and even Go! 
    2. VMware Workstation  
    3. Hyper-V Server 




  1. Favorite OS's 
    1. Windows Server 2016 
    2. Windows 10 (besides privacy settings and dependencies 
    3. Windows 7 – The long-lived business OS GOAT 
  2. Favorite Virtualization Platform 
    1. ESXi with vCenter (Standard is too watered down for my liking) 
    2. Hyper-V: With Server 2016, shielded VM's, and more features for Linux, being free on Server and Windows 10, it's the best bang for your buck in a Windows environment. 
    3. VMWare Fusion for Mac 




1. Favorite OS Desktop: 

          - Windows 7, 10 (Firewall up!) 

          - Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Antergos 

2. Favorite OS Server: 

        - RHEL/CentOS 

  1. Networking OS: 

-Cisco IOS 


4. Virtualization platform: 

        - VMWare Workstation 

        - Hyper-V