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The rollBak

Sep 17, 2018

Java stuff

Inheritence talk, using cars as the example.
Car Class -> Honda Class
Car Class -> Ford Class

Car class has 4 doors and 1 battery
Ford has 2 doors, inherits 1 battery
Honda has 3 batteries, inherits 4 doors

Infrastructure provisioning tool
Platform agnostic
Chris isn't an expert yet ;P

Visual C++ and Microsoft SQL Server
Brushing up on C++ and playing with SQL Server

Python and BeautifulSoup
Fantasy Football stat modeling
Etherium pricing alerts and actions
Zabbix trades cryptocurrency

Chris's environment:
Windows 10 VM with Visual Studio building on remote Linux Server communicating with MS SQL Server running on Linux via Docker

Solus Project
Set out to repair Debian installation
Loved the "second impression"
Installed the OS to give it a go
Did not use terminal to install any application or driver (First time ever!)

Ikey Doherty, Solus founder, quit his job at Intel to pursue project full time.

The rollBak is now a proud patron of Solus Project! We also proudly support Sysadmin Today and Level1Techs.

Solus qualities:
Rolling release
Latest software packages
Built for developers by developers

It even works with Broadcom! w00t

Development Environments

Windows cause muh games ;D
PyCharm and VS Code with Linux virtual machines.

Windows 10 workstation with Visual Studio 2017, VS Code, and IntelliJ
Solus workstation with IntelliJ, CLion, and Atom.

Vim plugins

Best of VIM:
i to INSERT (enter text)
Escape to go to navigation mode
/ to search (press 'n' to go to the next entry in your search)
h go left
j go down
k go up
l go right
Control + b page up
Control + f page down
:set number show line numbers (include : )
:wq save and quit
:q! quit without saving
:w! save without quitting

Chris sets his eyes on Software Engineering
Phil aspires for SRE

Goals make the world go 'round!


Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems
The Practice of Cloud System Administration: DevOps and SRE Practices for Web Services, Volume 2

(Sorry, Amazon links were HUGE)

What does SRE entail?

Using software to solve I.T. problems. Range from advanced deployments and infrastructure to being a software architect.

Heavy on programming, wide array of knowledge necessary too (Networking, database engines, operating systems).

Phil brushing up on 1337 Networking




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