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The rollBak

Apr 10, 2018

Sorry if Mike and Chris sound down, Mike was under the weather and Chris had weather related allergies.



SuperMicro (12 bay) storage server 24TBs in ZFS RAID1 mirrors --  FreeBSD 11.1 

Dell T410 6TB RAID 5, 2 Intel 6 core Xeons (12 threads each, 24 total), 64 GB of RAM – CentOS 7 


SuperMicro –...

Mar 26, 2018

MSP vs I.T. Department vs I.T./Software Company 



  • Sometimes more flexibility 
  • Touch a lot of technologies 


  • Can be grindy 
  • Your mileage will vary between organizations 


I.T. Department at Organization 


  • Depending on size, you get exposure to a lot of technology 
  • Same as above,...

Mar 12, 2018

Storage Solutions 

  • Experience – Crap shoot, shoot the breeze, etc. 
  • Best Brands – Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo,  EMC ???, PROFIIIIT 
  • Best Deals – The Server Store (yes, it's down the street :D), Ebay, CraigsList, junkyard, etc, Micro Center. 



  • Windows – Server 2012R2 or 2016 storage solutions 

Feb 27, 2018

Episode 3: All things security from an InfoSec professional working in the casino industry. 

Welcome to the show Brody! 

Feb 13, 2018

Brand new podcast about sysops, devops, automation, and networking. In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk about our work, school, and personal experiences in tech, and discuss our plans for the future of the site.