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The rollBak

Aug 28, 2018

Lightning Talk with The rollBak!

Going in depth on some topics we've covered like DevOps, teaching yourself Computer Science, Goals and Success!

Importance of Books


Computer Science



Aug 19, 2018

Mike and Chris embrace the new form and dive deep into culture, hanging with your fellow engineers, working with the whole company, and staying hungry. 


Aug 14, 2018

Changes are a-coming! 

"Change is good. Change is good. o_o " 


Brainwashing aside, we're mixing up the formatting a bit. Every other week we are going to do a segment, potentially multiple part segments, and deep dives. Here we'll explore topics like personal projects and their progress, databases, software...

Aug 6, 2018

Crank up your speakers, because we have a new intro!

We discuss the importance of monitoring, who's monitoring the monitors?! And, of course, we ramble randomly about rpm packages, Debian versus RedHat, compiling from source, Microsoft going Desktop as a Service (maybe???) and why people should(n't) be outraged about...

S3E6: dnf install gnome-terminal xfce4-terminal konsole jetbrains

Aug 1, 2018

Today we discuss Terminal and IDE applications!


Terminal Applications
Gnome-Terminal (Cinnamon, Gnome, MATE)
Konsole (KDE)
MobaXTerm (Winderz)
iTerm2 (Fruit)
Terminator (GOAT)
Remote Connection Manager (Windows and Mac)

Why Use CMD Line?
System Info
Faster Navigation
More intimate with system ( ;) ;) ;* )