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The rollBak

May 28, 2018

Due to previous obligations and observance of Memorial Day, we will not have an episode this weekend. 


A brief update:

Mike spoke at Microsoft -- Congrats Mike, one more step to that Microsoft MVP!

Programming for Admins has been released. A little different than initially planned, but should provide...

May 22, 2018

Ramblings are free of charge. We were all a little tired at the time of recording ;)


What's new? 

  • Chris moved 
  • Dr. Mike 
  • Phil is still awesome 



Azure vs AWS Networking 

  • Team Blue vs Team Orange 
  • Overall architecture looks the similar 
  • Separate vocabulary 
  • Similar regions (possible tax incentive) 


May 13, 2018

How we got started. 

Phil - Java for an easy A.

Mike - PowerShell: Windows all the way, baby.

Chris - C and C++ grades on Pointer test. 

The big languages:


PowerShell (C# for the "backend" of PowerShell) 

S2E2: Configuration Management

May 7, 2018


Chris's Big Announcement 

Mike, how's Python? 

Taking code for granted 

System Analyzer Version 1.0 


Main Topic 

Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code 

How does PowerShell DSC work? 



Puppet and Chef 



Cool Links: