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The rollBak

Mar 26, 2018

MSP vs I.T. Department vs I.T./Software Company 



  • Sometimes more flexibility 
  • Touch a lot of technologies 


  • Can be grindy 
  • Your mileage will vary between organizations 


I.T. Department at Organization 


  • Depending on size, you get exposure to a lot of technology 
  • Same as above,...

Mar 18, 2018

Starting Out 

Junior Level : 

  • ISP Phone Support   
  • Field Tech   
  • Help Desk   
  • Desktop Support Specialist  
  • Junior Developer  

Intermediate – Mid Level:  

  • NOC/SOC 
  • Jr. Sysadmin  

Mid to Senior Role:  

  • Sysadmin/Infrastructure Support 
  • Jr. Devops Engineer 
  • Cloud Engineer 
  • Security Analyst 

Mar 12, 2018

Storage Solutions 

  • Experience – Crap shoot, shoot the breeze, etc. 
  • Best Brands – Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo,  EMC ???, PROFIIIIT 
  • Best Deals – The Server Store (yes, it's down the street :D), Ebay, CraigsList, junkyard, etc, Micro Center. 



  • Windows – Server 2012R2 or 2016 storage solutions 

Mar 5, 2018


JetBrains – IntelliJ, DataGrip, PyCharm, ReSharper 


Sublime Text 


sql-cli -- npm installer. Can connect to Azure from CLI in Linux terminal. 




VS Code